Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Before you send us your device, we ask you to find out whether we can repair your specific device on our website, call us on one of the phone numbers, in the chat or by email. 

To contact us, please have the part number, error description or error codes ready.

When checking or repairing components, the technician often needs additional parts, such as the immobilizer, the key or the ring antenna.

Our technicians can only implement a successful check and repair of your device if you enclose error codes and a detailed fault description!
This is also necessary to give you further advice for the fitting of the device or to determine other faults of the vehicle.

Send us your properly packaged device ,with any accessories, such as keys, immobiliser or circular antenna (if it was requested) with the service provider you choose. Please find out about the extent of their insurance and the package handling during their transport service in advance.

Note: we do not assume responsibility for damage caused during transport

Confirmation of receipt by e-mail
If you indicate a valid e-mail address on the repair order, we will send you an email notification with our order number when the package arrives, which you need in case of questions.
Note: Make absolutely sure your e-mail address is right (consider dots or underscores). Unfortunately, we often receive a lot of invalid email addresses.

By specifying a valid email address, enables us to send you a shipping notification together with a tracking code via e-mail.

Note: Please make sure that the indicated e-mail-adress is valid and well readable. In case you do not receive a confirmation of receipt or a shipping notification, please check your SPAM.

Unfortunately, our company cannot help with on-site repairs, the units are repaired at our service center.

  • The repair costs a fraction of the price of a new part
  • The refurbished part will be more reliable than the dismantled one, as much stronger parts are installed
  • Dismantled parts of a similar price may fail at any time due to their unknown history
  • You don’t need to program or code anything. There will be no false error messages, annoying extra errors, foreign chassis numbers, etc.
  • We offer professional, fast repair, several years of professional experience