Service Process

  • Before you send us your device, we ask you to find out whether we can repair your specific device¬†, call us on one of the phone numbers, in the chat or by email, please have the part number, error description and error codes ready
  • Our technicians can only implement a successful check and repair of your device if you enclose error codes and a detailed fault description!
    This is also necessary to give you further advice for the fitting of the device or to determine other faults of the vehicle.
  • Deliver your ECU to our office. We will use the information you provided and reasonable efforts to determine the electronic problem with the ECU using our existing technology and processes. We will then provide you a quotation setting out the repair work and services and applicable fee (“Quotation”).
  • If you accept the quotation, we will apply our existing technology and standard processes and use reasonable efforts to repair your ECU. Note that the actual time to repair the ECU will depend on the complexities that may be encounter during actual repair.
  • If we are able to successfully repair in accordance with the quotation, we will inform you and charge you for the services. We will only release your ECU to you only when you have fully paid for the Services and related costs.
  • If we are unable to repair your ECU, we will inform you accordingly and not charge you for the Services and return your ECU.


  • the 12 month warranty starts from the moment the package leaves our workshop,
  • it is only valid if proof is provided of the work being carried out in an authorized service
  • it refers strictly to the repair carried out by us
  • it is only valid if the seal applied by us remains intact

Other important aspects:

  • Truck Mechatronics do not assumes responsibility for damage caused during transport. Please check the terms and conditions of the transport company you wish to work with.
  • We do not repair control units if they are not in their original(factory) condition or have been opened.
  • All communications relating to repair of your ECU, including quotations, notices and invoices, will be done via email, SMS and/or WhatsApp text message using the contact details you provide to us via the online form unless you request, in writing, to receive such communications otherwise.
  • You will not hold us liable for any harm or loss of business, however caused, that may result from our performing the services, regardless of the legal theory on which they may be asserted (including, without limitation, contract, breach of contract, and tort), unless you prove that we caused the damages intentionally.